Archive 2017

Bojana Pejanović&Nedeljko Pejović 2017

The second International Festival “Guitar Days in Podgorica” gathered numerous guitar admirers, who enjoyed the music performed in the concerts. Audience of Podgorica has seen eminent artists and pedagogues, who introduced their concert and pedagogical skills and experience. Four concerts were held in two evenings. There was a strong interest for the concert programme, which was confirmed by significant number of people who attended the concerts. All web pages, daily journals, TV and radio stations announced this festival and reported on the events that were a part of it. The hall of “Radosav Ljumovic” library has been promoted as a new space, this time as the concert performance venue, a space ideal for the festivals of this kind. In the music school “Vasa Pavic”, very interesting lectures were held, with a large number of students as the audience. At the same music school, master classes were held too. They were attended by most gifted guitar students, who had both individual and interactive lessons. Due to our experience and the significance of the last year’s Festival, we are eagerly looking forward to the next one.

Petar Dobričanin 2017