About festival / few words

Guitar Days in Podgorica represents the professional and expert event which gathers guitar players of all genres and profiles, from the students of elementary and secondary schools, university students, to professors and concert guitarists. The primary goal of this project is the exchange of knowledge, practices and experiences, as well as introduction to the domestic and foreign tendencies in the modern guitar pedagogy and concert practice, as the necessary upgrade to educational base.

Considering that the usual festival duration is between 5 and 7 days, and that they consist of too many events which are hard to follow (concerts, masterclasses, workshops), which is usually too much for the audience, the need for a different concept of organization has arisen. The festival »GUITAR DAYS IN PODGORICA« will have four concerts, equally distributed in two work days.

Educational part of the festival:

This Festival will include expert masterclasses and workshops, which will, together with the professional topics like the learing of the concert program, deal with the issue of the public performance, and the ways in which young talents can have the opportunity to perform at concerts in Europe and present themselves as artists, according to european standards. Together with the masterclasses from the field of classical music, the masterclasses and workshops from other music genres will also be held.

Concert part of the festival:

Concerts will be held in the evenings. The concert repertoire will comprise not only the classical music, but also concerts of certain popular genres (jazz, world music, ethno music), performed by various music groups, which will show how guitar as an instrument, appears outside the classical music framework. This will be a good opportunity for young people, who are still in the process of education, to be informed that there are other genres, apart from the classical music, which unfortunately do not exist yet within the adequate educational institutions. Such a broadening of the concert repertoire will be a good basis for broadening of the educational part of the festival and gradual inclusion of the lecturers from the other music fields. Furthermore, broader audience will become more familiar with the sound of the classical music and other genres of artistic music and therefore their quality of life will be enriched by the new comprehension and the consumption of art.

Festival Concept consists of:

1. concerts,

2. workshops and

3. masterclasses.

Masterclasses and wokshops will be held as the part of two-day activities at the Music School »Vasa Pavic« in Podgorica, in the morning (11:00 a.m. -01:00 p.m.). Students will participate actively and passively in classes, and, through the direct contact, conversation, playing and listening, they will develop their emotional sensation, which will consequently build the educational significance of the Festival.

Concerts will be held at the »Radosav Ljumovic« library hall in Podgorica.