About us / Who we are


Initiator and the founder of the „Guitar Days in Podgorica“ festival , PhD Srdjan Bulatovic, is the first guitarist, who graduated, acquired the Master’s degree and subsequently,  received a PhD in Classical guitar in Montenegro. After finishing his guitar studies in Belgrade,  in 1994, he returns to his home town, Podgorica, where he establishes a guitar department in the Secondary Music School „Vasa Pavic“ which would educate numerous young guitarists. This creates a need to start a guitar department at the Music Academy in  Cetinje, the opening of which initiates precisely Srdjan, who has worked there for more than a decade.  Today, in the Music School „Vasa Pavic“, there are nine guitar classes, which have numerous students – some 150 of them.  The interest for the guitar is increasing each year, and the majority of children who take the entrance examination at the Music School,  want to play the guitar. The existence of the „Guitar Days in Podgorica“ festival is significant also because it will promote Montenegrin guitarists.  The festival also includes the educational segment (masterclasses), together with the lectures of the luthiers, on wood and the way the instrument is built, which are specifically tailored for the guitar students from Podgorica, but equally for the students from other cities in Montenegro. One of the goals of this festival is the revival of the new urban spaces, which would host guitar concerts, like the city library “Radosav Ljumovic” hall, which is optimal for this type of cultural events. Interest of Secretariat for Culture and Sport in Podgorica for long-lasting pedagogical and concert work of Srdjan Bulatovic, has resulted in recognition and support to the realization of this project.

Founder and the Director of the Festival

Phd Srđan Bulatović